Visual Assignment for ADKLit

In 20%, Digital Humanities on March 6, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Here are lots of links to get my students in ENGL 219 Adirondack Life and Literature at SUNY Canton started on their visual assignments.

You are free to use charred wood, crayons, pencils or watercolor if you like.  Just make sure we can take a great picture of your work to make it sharable. Here are some lists of free web drawing tools if you want to make art using your computer.

Prezi is a great way to organize and present visuals online.

Timelines are cool. Want to do a timeline? Dipity is easy to learn and handy.

Share some photos: make a slideshow or upload, tag and provide data for your pictures on flickr.

Movies are visual: make a 2-3 minute movie, put it on youtube, if it’s great, you’ll get an “A”.

There’s a lot of information on the Adirondacks on social media. Turn twitter into a story with storify.

Craft something; a piece of a quilt, pin etchings on a mushroom, moss graffiti. As long as it connects to course content and aspires to excellence, you can do whatever you want: go absolutely bananas.

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